What is Alchemy?

Derived from the Arabic word Al-Kimia, Alchemy refers to a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aimed at turning base metals into gold.

A Transformational power or process of turning something common into something precious.



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The Leadership Alchemy Program has earned

Goddard Honor Award

NASA Office of the Chief Financial Officer Award

Innovations of Design Award

"... a unique and ground breaking offering tremendous potential.

...I continue to marvel at your ability to design meaningful learning opportunities that challenge the participants to be more powerful leaders than they thought possible."

Gail S. Williams

NASA Leadership Alchemy Program Manager

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Leadership Alchemy is an award winning, state-of-the-art Transformational Leadership and Women's Empowerment and Leadership program.

We focus on identifying, nurturing and developing the innate leadership capacity of each participant.

We empower:

  • Emerging and current civil society leaders
  • Youth leadership
  • Future women leaders
  • Current executives
  • And others to rise to leadership positions with greater influence and decision-making powers

Upcoming Workshops

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